Ron Quayle (Laura Stuart)

There is no getting me out of the picture, death or not, I’m not leaving my family. I’m old fashioned and proud and right beside them is my place. I don’t miss anything now, not a trick he laughs and I can hear everything now. He feels to me he was a little hard of hearing later in life – just like his son is getting?

From the day you were born you won my heart, we had fun together and I’m grateful you got to know me. Now I know you’ve been a bit confused lately but it’s because you’re too busy listening to everyone else. You need to trust your gut please. I’m doing my best to guide you but you don’t often sit still long enough to hear me. When was the last time you picked up a book, my goodness, pick up one book, get lost in the pages, you know you’ll thank me for it and then if you can imagine I’m sitting beside you, smiling because I am often.

Have a healthy germ free Christmas and be careful who you kiss (wink, wink) XX