Ronald Lee Meadows (Diane Meadows)

He’s in such a hurry, always busy, never sits still. I’ll keep it brief, he says.

Thanks for being patient with me, thanks for all the love and good wishes and thanks for being you! Now keep living, stop waiting, life’s a big adventure and there’s so much to do for everyone – so get on with it, he says, or else.

He has a dog (or 2) with him so has company and is happy with things as they are. I feel like a home has shifted or changed since he passed and he just shrugs – ‘All good’, he says, ‘All good’. I can hardly write as fast as his thoughts – he was exhausted but he’d had a full life – lots of ups and downs but he knew he’d lived. Thank you all.

P.S. He loved being a Dad, husband and best friend. Thanks for it all, love you!