Ronald William Stewart

He preferred to be called Ron he says and tells me to call him that. Ron was a kind and gentle man with a great sense of humour; he was kind and gentle when he needed to be. He makes me feel like he had restricted breathing at the end he says it was hard to take a deep breath. He left his wife or a female behind and is so sad for that but he still checks on her and she’s ok.  He wants to remind you that life can be hard sometimes but always, always call on him for help because he hears you he promises. He says he feels very calm now and is fine so keep doing what you do best and its ok if you miss him a bit!

Feedback: Thankyou so much Alice, I’m so very touched that you chose my dad. To have acknowledgement that he is ok, is very comforting and to know it’s ok to miss him a little, well it’s ok. Xx