Roy William James Bailey (Meryle Maxwell)

Well love, your tenacity and your determination are just like me, you are so like me. When I see you do all the things you do, it swells my heart. Thank you for putting me on here so that I can talk to you. You really need to worry a little less. Things are not as bleak as they sometimes appear.

You know I’m watching out for you and I love that you talk to me so much, thank you. Seriously, life is all about balance, it’s time for you to get your balance sorted in more ways than one. I’m here with lots of our family and actually, it’s quite comforting. I know you’re OK, I watch you all even when you lose your temper, he laughs. He suggests a younger man around you should slow down, driving this year!

So 2022, focus on all the little things you can do something about and let the big things take care of themselves. I love you, I’m so proud of you and thank you for holding me in your heart like you do. Always and forever, Dad XX