Ryan Burford (Mark Schwirse)

I could hear in my head 2022, find 2022, why couldn’t he just say just look for my glasses!

He had a great sense of humour but a dark side too. Life’s just flown by for everyone, yet he is in everyone’s thoughts a lot and that’s spooky but good he says. He says to say you’re an idiot and you’ll always be an idiot but he loves ya and thanks you for everything you did, are still doing and yeah, thanks.

He says to tell you life really does go on it’s just different. Please make sure you do not put anything off, don’t be scared, just do it, he tells me he could be a scardy cat sometimes but if he had his time over he would literally dance naked in the rain! Who cares? So please enjoy life. Stop working to live, just live, and you don’t need stuff, you can’t bring it with you so remind the youngsters amongst you of that. It’s the one journey you can’t pack for coz you don’t need anything and all you can carry is the love in your heart and soul. Wow that just got deep he said.

He mentions say Hi to Mum? And wishes everyone a very happy Merry Christmas xxx