Charlie Raru (Sally Raru)

Hello love, you’ve had a time of it haven’t you? He makes me feel the pain in your heart. You keep going and I’m proud of you for that. I’m waiting so there’s no rush, it’s more important you find some joy in your life. You have been sick, sick ,sick. So how about next year you have fun, fun, fun.

Thank you for all the respects, you know that in my heart that means the world to me. All I want you to do now is focus on yourself and what is best for you. Everyone else will muddle through but you, you have to look after you. I have our boy he’s fine but you need to have fun for us, it’s not your time yet, it’s time for fun not sadness. Stop trying to fix everyone, they are old enough, just look after you.

Smile for me my love, smile like you used to for me, that’s all I want for Christmas.

All my love, Charlie X


Just managed to pop in to say, ‘love you, I’m always with you, even when you doubt it, I mean where else would I be?’ Love how our family is growing, thanks for keeping it together. Love you Cxx


Merry Christmas love, you know I’m there 🙂 Now don’t let anyone get any ideas about sitting in my seat just yet, he laughs, don’t over do it and don’t eat my share on Christmas day. I want you all to have one memory each and to share it round the Christmas dinner table. Love my family, stop the sadness, celebrate, the firsts are always the hardest but you’ve nearly done them all now and I’ve been by your side the whole time. Love you Merry Christmas Charlie xxxx