Ken Jones (Samantha Jones)

Well don’t be so surprised – this Mumbo Jumbo works, yes you’re right. Your Dad is a good man with a good heart (even if it did let him down in the end), he never suffered fools gladly. He says “I’m sorry I had to leave so fast there was so much I was supposed to do. I feel he was a busy man, really busy, always busy. He was also a joker so when your lights just go out or flicker – yip its him. Your Mum is and was a good woman so look after her please – life’s not all that bad is it? You‘re doing OK from where I sit,  you are just way too hard on yourself aren’t you? Life is supposed to be spent living, doing, so get on with it OK.

Did you have to choose a photo showing my teeth and he laughs and laughs, nothing changes hey! Stop waiting start moving. I’m always with you, love all of you, I miss me family but you’re all doing OK, start smiling.

Love Dad