James Elliott (Sandra Elliott)

Hey there – he tells me he liked music, I think he was good at music he’s enjoying my son playing the piano in the background as I speak to him. Life was pretty dark towards the end of his life or life has been pretty dark since he passed. He wants you to know you are doing really well and he loves it when you smile, never be scared to smile or to feel he’s missing out because he says I see everyone Mum and everything. Thanks for being such a good Mum I was lucky and I love you for doing what you could and what you did. I’m getting on with what’s next and you need to as well. He makes me feel like he has a younger sister he misses he then laughs – yes misses. He misses you all and says you should all take rest, stop working so hard.  Life is short, much shorter than you know so please enjoy it because I’m still hanging around sitting on the sofa being annoying lols. Get up to speed with technology Mum you don’t want to be a dinosaur now do you. I love you and I’m watching so best behaviour xx

He was talking about moving and says just take him with you cos he doesn’t care where you live as long as he’s there too!