Sarah Elaine Bird (Mel Bird)

Hi Mum, is this the best pic you can find lols? I know, I know I was fussy. It’s OK, I like it do you? This is cool ! You get to know what dead people are thinking. Well, what am I thinking? I’m sorry I let you down Mum, I did the best I could with what I had, but I could’ve done better I know that now. I was happy in my own way and you know that, but you need to know, I loved you so much. You were the best Mum in the whole world, I should’ve told you.

I feel like she has a sister or a friend who was like a sister and she wants me to get you to say Hi there too. She’s not missed a thing, she is always trying to show you signs, they are never your imagination, she wants you all to know that. Apparently she wasn’t good at spelling as everytime I make a mistake she tells me I am spelling like she did. Thanks for everything you did and do to honour me, I’ll be forever grateful but remember I do see you in your dreams always. There’s even a dog sees her. If you can imagine me Mum I’m there, still part of the family and I’ll wait till you get here before I go back and try again.

I’m not alone – she feels like she is with a Grandmother of yours too. She is learning and growing as that’s what happens in heaven, we grow even more than we do on earth- yeah go figure, the learning never stops Ha Ha Ha. I am really, really sorry I had to leave you all. I am happy but I miss you all so much. Whenever you feel a twinge in your body imagine I’ve just poked you. Look for my name in lights, you’ll know I’m shining on you all.

Love you all to the moon and back and I’m gone but not forgotten and thank you, you know what for xxxxx