Shane Reardon (Jenny)

Oh look, she’s picked me, just for you. Well this was is different and not illegal, ha ha ha! How’ve you been? Oh wait, I’m supposed to know. What a joker he is. Always cracking jokes.

I feel wheezy when he’s here, like it was hard to breathe normally, it’s a family trait apparently. Someone he left behind has moved house and he’s glad they are happier. There are children that have grown up and it brings tears to his eyes. There is so much he felt he took for granted. He’s asking you to keep being grateful every day. Either it was blood pressure was at fault or you need yours checked, actually it’s both.

He’s happy life is going on and he’s just shown me a baby he’s missed or will miss – he’s such a softie. He sends his love and asks that you give 2021 hell – kick up those heels and keep living. All my love S x