Shaniqua Peiper (Nicole Lowen)

I’m forever in your hearts and that’s the perfect place for me. I get to see everything you do and everything you feel. I’m still a huge part of the family, just in spirit not there with you. There was nothing more you had to do or could’ve done, you were my Mum, you did your best and so did I. Thank you for the experience I did get to have, I’m very grateful. Now to keep moving forwards so I can watch and learn with you – she says she has a dog for company and loves him(?). Happy Christmas xx

P.S. (Do you have her hand or footprints somewhere? She just flashed me an image). Thank you for putting me here I love it x


May your hearts be blessed forever, for loving me as you do.

My heart was blessed.

Love each other as you do me until we meet again.

Love is always the answer.

Love heals all.

Love is all that is ever needed xx