Keith Campbell (Sharon Campbell)

I feel out of breath and a pain in my heart, perhaps angina or a heart attack, but he says it was too early, he wasn’t ready and not sure he ever would’ve been. Life had certainly changed since this picture was taken but he says you feel more settled now than you ever have in your entire life and that it’s about time you had peace! 

There is a lot about upsetting apple carts right now, he asks why get involved, do what you always do “trust your gut and act from the heart” it’s what you are good at. So no more trying to please others, do what’s right for you and to “hell” with anyone else and he laughs,  you’re too old now girl to worry about other people you need to put “you” first ok and hubby.

I miss my life even though it wasn’t always easy, I still miss it but I’m happy don’t worry about that and I don’t need air conditioning here he laughs. Ok so Merry Christmas and please do what “YOU” want to do and what’s in your heart.

Love you Dad X