Shawn Smith (Carol Slusher)

Morning beautiful – well it’s almost here, our first Christmas this way. You’ll be OK I promise, you know you’ve got this. Please keep everything the same, it was always you who did most of it anyway. My life was short but my love is/our love is huge and we will get to be together again. It’s really important you keep living please for all our sakes, keep living. The firsts are the hardest (she’ll tell you that – meaning me). But then time’s a funny thing, it just keeps going.

He wants you to buy a necklace from him or wrap it up and put it on the tree from him – just to mark our love. (He misses you just as much as you miss him). I have a really dull pressure in my head – he wants you to know he’s still healing but the more you keep moving the more he gets to move too. Keep loving the simple things you can do not the hard things that make you sad. There’s plenty of time, remember we loved each other heaps so it would be weird to just move on in 2 months but darling you will move on and do you know what? That’s OK. You have to live for both of us now, only I died and I’m always in your heart and memories no-one will ever or can ever take that away from you. Happy Christmas, all my love Shawn.

P.S. please sit at midnight with the tree and I’ll be there with you in that moment – just us XXX