Sienna Sulda (Marie Sulda)

Hi Mum, Hi Everyone,

Great photo, thanks, do you remember me posing, I’m pretty sure I was moody 5 seconds later ( lots of laughter). Don’t be sad, I’m OK. I’ll look awesome forever now, not old and grey like you and Dad, ha hah ha. Mum, seriously, you need a new phone, please get a new phone, it will make your life easier. I cried when you all cried and I cry when you cry. But ‘Wow’, to have that just for me – and everyone talks to me there and remembers me, it’s perfect. Hey, did you know you were/are the best Mum “ever”. If I had to do it all again I’d pick you again in a heartbeat. I guess I might pick a stronger body next time tho. Next time.

Please can you thank everyone for looking after you for me, I’m so grateful, so many people love you like I did. I know Dad knows I’m around, he just doesn’t want to admit it yet, that’s OK, give him time. I’ve been in this room before, I like this lady, her nails are pretty and she’s really good. Mum ,you should see what she does.

Anyway, Christmas, yes that’s a biggie. Well of course I will be there, you just have to unwrap my presents for me, oh and use them too. She’s making light of this to help you. I promise I’ll be there on Christmas Day but no veggies thanks – referencing “Brussel sprouts”. She’s with an older lady who always served Brussel sprouts.

Please put a pink bow on the tree for me, take a pic and show Alice. It’s my love for you all wrapped up in a pink bow.

I love you so much it hurts but I promise I’m okay.

Love you XXXXXX