Steve Wigzell (Casey Leeson)

Look at that, you found me and I wasn’t even looking at you. God, where to start!

Well, firstly, thank you for everything you’ve done for me. It was much more than I deserved and then you just keep giving over and over and over. You helped me as much as I helped you ( shut the f**k up), yes you did. You need to listen…….. You are going to be so much happier now, more than you know. The best bit about it is, I still get to haunt you, over and over and over (he laughs).

You always were and will be a good mum so cut out the crap and the self doubt! His eyes tear up as he thinks of his daughter, he makes me feel he really had 2 daughters. He wishes he was there for them but of course spiritually he will be (he laughs and says whatever that means).

Well, I’ll be in their heads for the rest of their lives and yours. Start getting organised, everything – work, food, exercise (he laughs as if this is an ‘in joke’?) and keep smiling or rather smile more, I actually always did love that smile!

Merry Christmas to you all,

Happy 2022, XX