Mark Davies (Sue Griffiths)

I feel like cancer may have not been too helpful here. “God I look p***d in this picture” he says laughing a stifled laugh. That was a good day Sis good choice. Well what have I been up to – well apart from trying to keep you all sane, not a lot, its pretty cruisey here – Mark is a joker, he’s laid back, nothing seems to phase him. “I miss “yas “ all and love the garden thank you.

I feel quite heavy in my chest when he passed, but he says its all gone I’m all good, he says I had to go sometime, so might as well have been when I’d be missed rather than being an old fart everyone forgot about.

He makes me feel like he’s with Dad and he tears up when I say this. He asks me to tell you “he’ll always have your back always don’t you worry- please tell the kids I’m fine and I see everything I’m not missing a trick, but I’m really glad life is going on, it had to. I was too young we were all too young for it to stop. Love you Mark X (big kiss)