Maree Quin (Sue Quin)


Yes I‘m still here, still watching, well where else would I be! Now its going to be a hot summer so stay safe and cool. I can’t help that much, the weather is beyond my pay grade she laughs. She says you are all up and down – well the worst parts are now over, the first year is the hardest she promises, keep living and moving forward. Tell Dad to get painting, the house needs a spruce up and it will keep him busy – she’s laughing really loudly now.

Seriously Merry Christmas make sure all the decorations are up this year, coz I’ll be watching.

All my love to everyone

Mum X

P.S. Miss your smile! (that’s for Dad)


I feel quite sick in her energy and she says she definitely didn’t look her best at the end, but at least it ended and allowed you to go back to ‘normal’ life. Remember the promises you made huh! Please keep your end of the bargain up  – she’s done her bit. She says “I’m doing OK, I’m sad when you’re sad, especially when you smell my perfume and clothes, makes you miss me all over again and it’s the same for me.  I promise it will get easier you are surrounded by good people, please tell them all I am very grateful for everything that’s been done for my family.  She misses you all so much BUT is keen to get you all moving – no moping around. She makes me feel like you’ve got your hair shorter again and it’s a nice colour. Do something that you love and please go to the ocean and smell the fresh sea air. You will feel much better and I’ll be right there with you. All my love Mum – gone but not forgotten I know, Love you. X

PS she wants you to wear her jewellery


Oh my love, you always made everything better for me even when I was screaming at you, you always helped me but this time you felt so helpless, I know.

My love but you know you’re love was enough it’s all I ever wanted to be in your heart everyday and I know I was and am. Please move forward  I don’t care how long it takes but move forward – I know I’ll always be the love of your life as you were and are of mine but you’re still breathing so please keep it that way and know I’m with you 100%.

Look after everyone for me and they’ll look after you – talk about me, remember me, shout at me, cry for me but “live” for both of us – no matter what you do make sure you travel far and wide and no more cigarettes! You know the rest love ya (your soppy) M x