Andrew Richmond (Taleisha Barker)

Yes here it is, here I am, Oh what a busy lady. He has the kindest smile and biggest heart. Apparently it matched his personality, a big kid. Life was great for him, yes it was great even with all of its ups and downs, he still managed to smile every day and say “yip another day done!”.

I feel like I have a bad cough like it was always troubling me. He was a very hard worker but he didn’t mind, always keen to look after the family. He’s not sure he likes all the multi-tasking you are doing these days, it’s a bit too much sometimes, even for you.  He shows me grandchildren; he says to tell you he will see them grow up you’ll see.

He just made me take notice of how old he was, he was young but sometimes he says he felt ancient (he’s laughing as I work out he was younger than me).  Live, keep living, tell everyone and anyone to stop smoking, drinking, eating sugar etc etc  He’s laughing because this is so not him BUT he can see now the only way is to look after your health ALL the time “please know I am there at every family gathering”, unless he laughs you don’t invite me, but I’m there, where the hell else would I be!!!

I’ll love you for the rest of your life and don’t you forget it.

Now everybody needs to keep moving on ‘till we all meet up again which I know now we will.

Lots of love, Dad and thanks for doing this I hope it helps you X