Kerry Killin (Tania Killin)

She purposely made me look at her date of death, she wanted me to see she was young, but also it was “my own 50th Birthday”. She tells me she never go that far. Everyone tells you life is a gift, you think you’ll live forever then “bang” my head hurt when she said that!

I wouldn’t cross her, she was fiercely protective of what was hers and if you upset her it you’d know but big hearted OMG! She’s upset now, she missed and misses her Mum and her sisters, and she wants you to know, no more it’s all over now, you’ll all be ok. This is the second Christmas without her remember that so celebrate because if you are all happy then she’s happy ok! She says to tell you “thank you” and she loves you all – warts n all

Merry Christmas, my mad crazy family xx