Terry Weir (Estelle Weir)

He made me work out his age because he knew he never looked his age ever! He’s coughing like something was in his chest, his eyes were watering, He was actually a big softie. He says a good looking big softie, yet when it came to his family he was so protective, so to leave you all so soon was hard for everyone. He’s not sure he’s gotten over it yet never mind you!

He loved being outdoors and now has seen more of the world than he could ever imagine. He feels like he is with someone who took their own life, I know he says there are plenty of laughs. You are 100% on the money when you feel him around especially in the car. Yes he still loves his cars. There is also a dog around that knows when he popped in,

He’s talking and showing me Christmas cards and writing in them, maybe you still read his? Or find it hard to write them without his name in them. He acknowledges this anyway. So this as to be a good year, you know what you have to do, so please go ahead and do it for me! Love you both lots Dad and thanks! xxxxxx