Janet Walsh (Theresa Walsh)

Look at me, oh my goodness look at that hat, I always liked being the centre of attention, well for a day anyway. She smells lovely, she says not a day went by when she didn’t have her perfume on, she loved it! She thinks you and the undertakers did a great job with her and wanted to thank you for that. She was actually quite a private person herself but loved to know what everyone else was up to. She loved having people over and making a fuss, food and entertaining and she liked it. I feel she was also a good baker but she’s laughing now I’ve written that.

Life is a bit of a game she says, getting all serious – you just need to know who’s on your side and who’s not then you just stick to having fun no matter what cards you are dealt, you just have fun with it because everything always works out in the end.

She says there are so many people she’d love to say hello to and name but I’d be here all day, so just know she watches over you all and sends her love. The birds singing always bring you her love – oh and always look after the roses, they need de-heading Lols.

All my love Mum XX

P.S. I miss you too and Merry Christmas