Timothy Clark (Ebony Clark)

Stop your yabbering on – he laughs, he makes me feel like he’d be the kind of Uncle that would tickle you even when you were mad at him and he’d tease you all the time. “life is short and it’s supposed to be an adventure,  not all adventures are at home. Sometimes you gotta go out into the big wide world and find out things for yourself. He’s very quiet when I try to get a sense of how he passed, like he really doesn’t want to talk about it. I get a sense of him being with someone who committed suicide, not him but someone he was close to or knew well. I also have a cancer feeling again not him but someone close to him – they are all together again. He’d rather talk about everyone else rather than himself! But I do have a heavy feeling in my chest and again he either had a car crash or a heart attack or he’s with these people too. He really is a tough nut to crack. He wants you to keep going no matter what, keep going – you’re a good person and deserve to be surrounded by good people and he says to remember that. I get a feeling he was really close to his Mum, but he was close to your Mum too although he’s not her brother. You are a lot like Mum and he likes that, it’s all good. He’s still amazed at how well remembered he was and is, he was just a down to earth bloke doing his thing till it all went wrong and he couldn’t. So keep smiling, stop shouting and if your job is that bad leave it!!!! Look for another, you are a good employee just sometimes taken advantage of. Please say hi to the gang for me and I miss ya’s all. I am always at the parties/gatherings/celebrations thank you all for that. He hung his head in sadness that he had to miss so many but he is really grateful for what he did have and he is very, very grateful for being remembered so much, almost like he can’t believe you all miss him that much! Enjoy this year and change jobs then go on holiday for God’s sake! Love Tim X