Tony Swift (Sue Morton)

Ha Ha Ha, you can run but you can’t hide. I’ve not been gone 5 minutes and here you are putting my name down for something else. (He is such a trickster, he’s teasing me). Now Christmas will be different, I’ll give you all that but you can still have a drink for me, can’t you? Toast me, nah not roast, TOAST.

I had to go sometime, might as well be now while I still have my looks. You did me proud no matter how long it took. Everything you did, have done and are doing, I’m truly grateful (see, I can give compliments).

Now, you need to look after yourself, you need a holiday and some good food and a bit of pampering, have it on me, he winks. Tell the family, thank you for sorting everything out. It’s like being on an airplane when you leave, it’s pretty cool and not nearly as awful as you think.

Right then Merry Christmas. Remember, celebrate!

Love Dad X