Trevor McPeake (Cassandra McPeake)

Aw, now that’s a cute picture, of me not the dog.

He has a big personality and a huge heart. He made me check out date of birth so I could see how young he was. He’s not impressed with my handwriting, I think he was a stickler for details. He says it’s always in the detail and he laughs.

He loves being in the car with you, even when you drive too fast or stall the engine Lols (he doesn’t get lols but he knows you will). He wants you to know he’s sorry that he’s missed so much but on the flip side he’s been everywhere with you too.

2022 will be a great year for you but you have to put your best foot forward.

Thanks for everything you do for your Mum. I miss her too but she’s living again and that’s all I can wish for her now. Take care and keep up the work, I’m always listening and helping in my own way XX