Valerie Nicol (Dianne Pryde)

I miss all the camaraderie, not the bickering but the laughs and good times. I know I was really lucky and I’m so grateful for all I did have. I don’t think about what I lost or was taken from me, I just focus on the good.

She’s showing me happy memories of children running around on a beach and she’s watching them. I feel sick as if she had cancer and she is with someone else who also had cancer. She does make me feel there are lots of people around with her. She would love to feel the sun on her face one more time but she’s OK. She’s been gone a long time, gosh but time flies in spirit. She says to tell you you’re just not doing what you are told, well one of you anyway isn’t. Someone is not very good at listening and if they were things would definitely improve.

I feel lots has changed since she’s passed and she wants everyone to know she’s OK with that, she’s happy that everyone is getting on with life and makes it much easier to watch when you do. There’s a house move coming up and a wedding – both are so positive, she’s excited for everyone. She finishes off by thanking you for always missing her and to remind you to take care of your health. Lots of love xxx