Vicki Streader (Rebekah Streader)

She promises this is just quick because there are lots of people waiting, but this is the first Christmas without her and she wanted to send you love and to tell you” you had better celebrate” and laugh lots. That’s all I ask and say a toast for me. I’ll be right there in all our traditions and fun, my heart is your heart, all of you. I love you and please be okay, I’m okay just want you all to be okay – I’ll see you all again remember that! Merry Christmas love Mum X


Told you I’d be back, she coughs, its quite a loud hacking cough. Great picture, poor you for looking so like me she laughs. She’s still coughing, she says I’m still recovering, my life was one hell of a ride this time phew. But  did the best I could and how did I do that? Yip one day at a time, worry, no, I didn’t worry – much-  she says “worry will kill you so cut it out” Do what’s in your heart and you won’t go wrong, that’s all she wants, just follow your heart. She says thanks for painting her nails and now get on with your life. You can procrastinate, tomorrow just get on with stuff please, get moving and get living. You’ll find love, but not when you think and she laughs. I have to go I’m tired but I’m happy to be at peace  – albeit too soon, I’m still happy to be at peace. I miss you every day but when you feel the sun on your face, that soft warm winter, spring or Autumn Sun, it’s me caressing your cheek with my love.

Thank you for loving me like you did.


PS thank you for such a simple and beautiful send off, you did good)

PPS My Dad’s here and tears fall from her face X