Wayne Kilbourne (Kye Kilbourne)

You have not been yourself lately and that’s why he popped up. He wanted to let you know that he’s always around when you feel sad and when you least expect it. Cut yourself some slack, you are doing a great job but you’re just way too hard on yourself. It’s OK to feel anxious but don’t let it control you. I always believed in you and I always will.

Now what about travel, it’s time, there’s so much more still to see, you CAN make it happen, dreams do come true. Oh and I know you are in love again and that’s good because you always were too good for me. So love of my life, yip that’s what you were, I’m sorry I left but I’m always in your heart and dreams and all the generations to come.

Thanks for everything you do and did and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you enough when I could. ‘Til we meet again, and oh remember, listen to the music when you miss me xx Merry Christmas