William Best (Leonie Oriley)

Well wasn’t I the ‘best’ ha ha ha. What a gorgeous man and this picture just about captures how awesome he was. Hes trying to distract me, it’s hard to get a serious sentence out of him, what a joy for a morning! He says I have a great job! He’s a story teller, he says “oh let me tell you about my family” I stop him and ask him about him, he never put himself first and still isn’t. There are so many people to mention but he wants you to know ‘he winks’ you are the favourite, always were, always will be.  He doesn’t really like being on the other side, he loved his life, ups and downs and he says you need to as well. He misses his hot cuppa,(he’s disappointed I’m drinking hot water).

Well, say Merry Christmas to the family, make sure you save some for me and keep moving forward even when it feels too hard, get on with it please. I’m actually OK here really, I have the “best” company and all the others, he laughs.

Merry Christmas and have the best 2018, its shaping up nicely so enjoy and he says he’ll be on the boat with you! X