William “Bill” Allen (Sarah Lewis)

Hello, hello beautiful, how are you? It’s so wonderful to have a voice, oh my goodness, so much to say, so little time. He’s coughing and struggling to breathe – I think this happened late on in this life. He says he did pass peacefully and he really wants you to know that. So what can your old man do for you this Christmas, oh yeah say ‘HI’- I’m so happy you are now doing more of what you wanted to do, really happy and it’s great to see so much of family still together.

I didn’t suffer fools gladly and you are so like me it’s great, no-one can pull the wool over your eyes can they now? So go, be amazing as always, keep doing what you love and those girls of yours are just beautiful. They are a real credit to you. Get fit again, you know you like it really, all of you.

He wants to say a hello to all of his children, his eyes are full of tears, he’s missed so much in reality but in spirit he’s seen it all and he couldn’t be more proud.

Thank you all – miss you all but glad you are all still moving forward.

All my love

Dad X