William (Billy or Bill) Tranter (Patricia Harris)

He asks me to write neatly and take my time, apparently there’s no rush. I feel there was cancer involved here or he’s with someone who passed with cancer. He feels like it’s OK to slow down and take your time and you don’t do it enough, so please take the time to focus on what matters, never mind the small stuff.

He’s glad he left a bit of a legacy behind but whatever happened, happened, so don’t ‘worry’. You always made good decisions, a chip off the old block, he says. He loved the land and the views and guess what, he gets to see them all year round now. Thank you. So wherever you put him he’s telling you he loves it. I’m pretty sure Mum is with him, his Mum and then yours too. He is happy to have two special women by his side.

You have to make some decisions next year and he says, ask your old Dad, he’ll help you get it right and he’ll be there always. Right, now go and have a cuppa and a chocolate truffle, just for me. Oh and can you get your back sorted out once and for all. Just book the appointment (could that maybe be for your brother?)

Merry Christmas

Love to all Dad XX