Yvonne Hayden (Kim Carline)

Well, she will do just about anything to get your attention, she drew me straight away to her date of passing, then made me work out her age to show me she is the same age as me. This is her way of saying, see I was too young, she felt young, felt alive, never thought she would go so young but…….. and she stops and has a tissue….. she knows you are all OK and life has to go on but she misses you ‘all’ so much (even the annoying ones and she laughs) It’s a cool picture she is so glad that’s the one you chose even if she does look like something out the 80s – Well I was she says and laughs! She wants you to know that children come and go and you have to be ok with that. You give then life, a roof, food and love and they will still leave and yet they do the same as you’ve taught them elsewhere and that’s OK, she sees that now. Can you tell Dad I’m OK, even if It’s not quite where I thought I was heading I’m OK. I’m happy when I watch you all. Going through my stuff was fun ‘hey’ she laughs, its only stuff it comes and goes but it’s what’s in your heart about me that is yours and on one can ever take that away or change that. Now listen up, you have to move on, I mean I have, pretend I’m on an extended holiday and one day in the distant future we will catch up and wow we will have so much to talk about BUT only if you keep living, so my message from “the cemetery that talks back” is please keep living and enjoying every step, every mouthful, all of it ‘til…… We meet again! I love you Mum X